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Ryan Gable

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Bio: Started StartingPoint Realty in 2004 with no prior real estate experience. Lived in Chicago for eight years and currently lives in Palatine with his wife Carrie and two children, Alix and Noah.

Education: Winona State, B.S. Marketing, 1996

DePaul University, MBA, 2007

Interests: Big movie fan, music (more on the bluesy side), movies (I’ll talk your ear off), mountain biking, golfing

Why First Time Buyers?: I think we all have to look at our individual skill set and decide where that fits into our career pursuit. I always had a strong work ethic, but I noticed I was developing this passion to educate, but not on an acedemic level. StartingPoint Realty was an idea I had shortly after I bought my first home in 2001. I never thought I would be a real estate broker, and if I had to be a traditional agent at a bigger agency, I’d never do it. But this idea of dedicating a company to educating potential first time home buyers, and taking them through this process the right way, and what I mean by the ‘right way’ is really how I would want to be treated, never left me. Mixed in with about 15 other business ideas, it was the one I always kept coming back to. To do something for a living that truly helps others, there’s nothing like it. And to work with people in helping them accomplish the purchase of their first home, I don’t think there’s a cooler job on the planet (OK, maybe a close second to Bruce Springsteen).

Jeff & Norah

“Ryan and StartingPoint were the perfect real estate agent and company for us. From attending a first time home buyer seminar, to actually buying a house, everything was explained to us in a manner we could understand. There wasn’t a pressured sales approach on any level. We appreciated Ryan’s honesty, knowledge, and easy-going nature.”

Home Owners

Mark T.

“Being an out of town seller is never easy. Ryan handled everything wonderfully and sold the
property quickly. Highly recommend Ryan and his staff!”

Home Seller

Jeff & Noel

“My wife and I were new to the entire home buying process. Because of this, we needed a lot of hand holding and help along the way. Ryan was an absolute pleasure to work with. His laid back demeanor helped calm our fears and his knowledge helped answer every question we had. We landed our dream condo in Chicago and couldn’t have done it without Ryan and his tireless attitude toward making sure we got everything we needed. Ryan’s the best, enough said.”

Home Owners

Tom & Amanda

“Ryan and his team made a stressful experience as smooth as we could ever ask for. He always made time for us and he is not the type of realtor that will try to sell you a house — he was more interested in helping us find the perfect home. During the whole process, he always called to check on us to make sure all of our needs were met. Ryan is the best.”

Home Owners

Anna & Dave

“Another wonderful experience with StartingPoint Reality! Ryan helped us buy our first home in 2012 and was our first choice to sell and then buy this time. His knowledge of the industry, vast community of connections and his ability to act as a trusted advisor throughout our journey make him our ONLY choice when selling or buying homes.”

Home Owners

Adam & Erica

“We purchased our first home using StartingPoint realty. We began our house search knowing very little about the process but Ryan helped us every step of the way! With his extensive knowledge of the industry, he guided us to successfully finding our dream home. Ryan treated us as though we were friends, not customers. He was honest in his approach and took our needs to heart. Ryan’s service was a breath of fresh air compared to other realtors we worked with in the past. If you want a stress-fee, enjoyable house hunting experience, start with Starting Point!”

Home Owners

Sheila & Steve

“We worked with Ryan for a very long time, and with each bump, delay, or success he was right there to smooth the way or find the bright spot. We closed on our house about 5 weeks ago, and we were just laughing that we miss him – he was that good and that real.

Ryan works like the first time buyer is a calling and not a job. Why this means so much to his clients translates to his tireless dedication and vast knowledge of the market and current conditions driving it. I am continually impressed with Ryan’s ability to acquire the most up-to-the-minute information and then share it selflessly. I really want to emphasize the selfless part; he truly makes you feel like you’re his only client. We would have been lost without him.

Ryan has the ability to apply his real estate knowledge strategically so you get the best deal and go in armed with the right tools. He’s savvy and nary has a trend or new regulation escaped him. I always felt comfortable with him, and more importantly, so did my husband. As an aside, Ryan also hooked us up with our home inspector who we were blown away by and plan to use again when we start doing green renovations.

I can give you a snap shot into our experience that I think personifies just how fantastic Ryan is and how tirelessly hard he will work for you. The house we’re in now was the third one we put an offer on. Yes, three! The first house was older and had some issues. We had a few extra inspections conducted to help us decide what we were able to handle both financially as well as physically. Ryan supported us fully and when we walked away, he stuck right by us – asking questions the whole way to make sure that we got it right next time and that he understood what we wanted and why the deal didn’t work. I think the aftermath of that deal (which was gut wrenching) and his questions personify how Ryan manages to sift through information and use it to everyone’s advantage.

House #2 was a short sale. Ryan was up front from the beginning about the challenges of going after a short sale. It fell through pretty quickly for reasons not related to Ryan or us, but working with the other Realtor made it very clear very soon how much more informed and up-to-speed Ryan was about the current market than the other Realtor.

House #3, AKA home sweet home – piece of cake. My sister was having a baby when the house landed on the market and we knew it wouldn’t last long at that price in that hood…Ryan visited the house while we were out of town and did the scouting for us (who does that?). When we returned two days later, we saw it and made the offer. Never once did Ryan pressure us – despite knowing what a deal it was and how dangerous leaving it dangling in the MLS could be. He was no pressure and no b.s. and always went above and beyond.

We met Ryan long before we actually got the house and even before the financial crisis dominated the news. My husband had a few credit woes that left me bitterly disappointed by the start-stop process; Ryan was key in me not killing or at least divorcing him. I say this in jest but I think Ryan is really a psychotherapist who doubles as a Realtor – kind of like a super hero. He calmed me down, told me it wasn’t the end of the world, convinced me it wasn’t as bad as it felt, and assured me that he still wanted to work with us – either then or a year or two years in the future. He also counseled patience, which paid off. We could have gone condo-based on my scores alone, but his advice for patience allowed us to get what we really wanted: a house, with a yard, a garage, in a really nice neighborhood that we could afford. For Steve (my husband), he was genuinely kind, totally ran interference with me for him, and let him know exactly what he needed to do to get it together. For those rocky two days, Ryan should have been charging us by the hour, instead he was calm, thoughtful, and the most un-judgmental person I have ever met.

One last point is the “that we could afford” part. Ryan was careful and realistic with us (as I imagine he is with all of his clients). He never suggested we buy more than we could afford and worked with us so we are never a statistic. It’s yet another area illustrating Ryan’s excellence.”

Home Owners

Devin & Kristine H.

“People tend to have some very negative associations with real estate agents for their often aggressive techniques. Ryan Gable breaks this mold, both by being an excellent and selfless agent as well as an exceptionally decent human being. As first-time homebuyers, our search for a home could have been overwhelming and intimidating. It was anything but that once we began working with Ryan. We literally knew nothing about the process of buying a home, and from our first lunch meeting to the closing on our house, Ryan patiently and professionally walked us through every step of the process. His knowledge was comprehensive and useful, but what impressed us the most was his willingness to go to bat for us and be our advocate when issues arose with the seller of our home. We truly felt that we had someone in our corner, not eager to make a sale but to see us come out of our home buying experience with the best possible result. Ryan did not stop working with us once the keys were in our hands; he kept checking in with us to ensure that there were no surprises after we moved in. Because of our tremendous experience, we have already recommended Ryan to several friends, and will continue to do so whenever the opportunity presents itself. We stumbled upon Ryan and Starting Point Realty by chance, and looking back we feel so lucky that we did. Thank you, Ryan, for helping to make us proud first-time homeowners.”

Home Owners

Shaneisha Allen

“StartingPoint Realty is the paramount of all other realty companies! Ryan is sent from the heavens above! If there was anything I needed or didn’t understand Ryan took care of it at the drop of a hat. You don’t find too many people who actually care about you and your well being. Ryan is one of those people; he listens to your wants and needs and works everything out like an equation. He lets you know everything that’s going on from beginning to end. I had a long drawn out process dealing with the property I wanted, but Ryan made it clear to me in the beginning that this could be a bumpy road. I truly appreciate his honesty and compliance he provided, as well as his TEAM of experts! I am recommending StartingPoint Realty to all homebuyers! I have the utmost respect for Ryan and StartingPoint Realty!”

Home Owners

Jen S.

“From start to finish, Ryan made purchasing my first place a great experience. In working with him, I knew that I had someone in my corner that was looking out for me and making sure I understood every step of the process. I had confidence that no detail was going to be overlooked and all my questions would be answered. The homebuying process is intimidating, but Ryan’s knowledge, professionalism and no pressure style put me at ease and made it a very positive experience. I will definitely recommend Ryan and Starting Point Realty to all of my friends and family.”

Home Owners

Kelsey & Neal

“We contacted Ryan when a friend recommended him to us. We had had a bad experience with a previous transaction that ended up falling through and caused us to lose our earnest money, so we were naturally wary of the process and of agents and attorneys. It became instantly apparent to us upon talking to Ryan that we were going to have a much different–and better–experience than the last. Ryan was there for us when we needed him and was honest with us as we toured homes. Instead of pushing us to make offers, he raised very good points about the less desirable aspects of each house, and when we finally did find a home, he was careful to make us aware of its faults so we had no illusions. Once we decided to make an offer and move forward, he was the best advocate and advisor we could have asked for. We knew we had a friend and ally on our side throughout the whole process–not someone who was just trying to make a commission off of the sale. Ryan was a breath of fresh air, and we will be recommending him to all of our friends!”

Home Owners

Anna & Jim

“Ryan was amazing to work with. He was there for us through every step of the home-buying process, from early conversations about what we were looking for to the closing and beyond. He answered all our questions, kept us on track, attended to all our needs and soothed any and all concerns or anxieties. He made everything as stress-free as possible and truly went above and beyond the call of duty. Throughout the process, we found him very knowledgeable and helpful. Overall, it’s obvious that Ryan is truly passionate about his work and endlessly dedicated to his clients and thus we highly recommend StartingPoint Realty to any first time homebuyer or any homebuyer that wants to get the VIP treatment from their Realtor.”

Home Owners

Nate & Cindy

“My wife and I were truly privileged to have Ryan help us buy and then sell our first home. We had worked with other realtors that left an extremely sour taste in our mouths about the industry due to the unresponsiveness and efforts given to help us find our dream home. Needless to say Ryan’s services blew our expectations out of the water.

When it came to sell our home, Ryan’s knowledge of the market and demand allowed us to set a target selling price which we received within 9 days of listing. Ryan really went to bat for us on the negotiating and took the stress out of selling the home. The quality of the listing ad was above and beyond any homes I have seen. When our house was on the market, we were cross country so that means Ryan had to do all the small things that would typically fall under the owner (move half a garage full of personal items to gain access). There are not a realtors out there that would go to that level of service for a client.

Ryan has really put together a top notch team that gives the client all the tools and resources needed to make the home buying/selling process almost effortless.”

Home Owners

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