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Sebastian was born in Colombia, naturalized in the US, and has lived all over the Chicago area since 1986. He is an international traveler who appreciates the diversity of culture found in Chicago. He is fluent in several languages, including Spanish, Japanese and American Sign Language.

Sebastian has a Montessori education and a degree in Internal Affairs from Temple University in Japan, where he lived for close to a decade. His career background includes computer technology services for major corporations and start-up companies. His real estate experience includes residential and commercial properties as well as multi-family and single-family investments. He also has personal experience with international relocation and interstate relocation.

Sebastian seeks the very best opportunities for his clients. He is a proactive communicator and persistent negotiator who excels at problem-solving. His analytical skills and market knowledge enable him to find homes and investment properties that others overlook. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and helping his clients obtain the best value for their money.

In his free time, Sebastian enjoys learning about scientific advances, animal psychology, agriculture, watching many kinds of documentaries, and meeting new people. His hobbies include studying languages (including computer languages), sketching, amateur photography, being outdoors in nature and travel adventures. Search for him on all social media as ChicagoSeb.

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