This is different for everyone, and it depends on where you are in the thought process. Maybe you’re just starting to browse the subject of ‘first time home buyer’ and beginning your journey. We would recommend our ‘Process’ layout.  There you’re going to get a solid overview of the home buying process.

If you’re further down the road, maybe it’s time for our first time home buyer seminars. No selling, no gimmicks. A pure seminar on how to buy a home and how to obtain a loan. Whether it’s our free classes or someone else’s, this is important. Face-to-face with professionals that can lay out a framework for you and answer all your questions.

Maybe you’re right on the edge of looking. You’re pre-approved and ready to move. Maybe you’re just seeing what we’re all about. Here you go: StartingPoint Realty Video.

Maybe you’re just looking for resources like first time home buyer down payment assistance programs, lenders, attorneys, home inspectors. We have lots of good information and great partners to work with.

Maybe you don’t know what you need, and you just need someone to point you in the right direction. Give us a call and we promise we’ll have a conversation, not a sales pitch: 847-348-1154.

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