Buying your first Chicago home involves a great deal of decision making! While you may feel daunted by this, you can take a lot of fear and uncertainty out of the home buying process with some advance planning. Once you have attended a first-time home buyer seminar and obtained your mortgage pre-approval, you can put together a home buying plan that keeps you on track!

Here are some home buying guidelines to help you make the best choices! 

Location. When you buy a home, you get the neighborhood that comes with it. Homes can be remodeled, but there won’t be much you can do about the nearby airport! The quality of a neighborhood affects your future home value, too! Decide your priorities when considering location, and do some homework on the following:

  • School district quality
  • Crime rates
  • Ease of commute – access to major roads and public transportation
  • Local amenities – grocery stores, shops, restaurants, parks, night life
  • Noise/traffic – daytime and night time activity on residential streets
  • Availability of medical services
  • Walkability

Home features. Know your minimum requirements in a home – the things you absolutely cannot live without. Stay true to your budget when considering your desired features and amenities; some amount of compromise is always involved. Be honest about the things you really don’t want in a home. We have an example of a home buying list on our website!

Cost of ownership. Successful home ownership is a long-term proposition! Much is said about the costs of buying a home, such as the down payment, mortgage interest rate, and closing costs – but the ongoing expenses of ownership must be counted too! Keep the following costs in mind when considering a home, and make sure your budget is ready for them!

  • Homeowner association or condo association fees
  • Ongoing home and yard maintenance 
  • Property taxes and homeowner’s insurance costs
  • Utility costs 

Buy smart, and you’ll thank yourself for years to come! 

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