Corporate Home Buyer Seminars

A FREE Benefit that your employees will loveunnamed

Many companies today are looking for employee benefits without a cost attached. StartingPoint Realty is a unique real estate brokerage where we focus on working with first time home buyers. There are several local companies in the Chicagoland area that have us come in during a lunch hour and teach our first time home buyer seminar. We’re known to even bring in the lunch for free.

Why is this a good idea?

Other companies have realized that they have several employees wanting to buy their first home, but they realize they don’t know how or where to start. Providing a resource, one without a cost to the company, only benefits them. But of course, you want someone reputable, someone that won’t sell them.

1.) We do not sell anything. It’s strictly taught by myself and a Chicagoland-based loan officer. We provide all the materials and we’ll even develop a brochure or email flyer that you can send to your employees. We make it easy.

2.) The response is always positive. We’ve been teaching these seminars for 10 years, we know how to engage your employees. We’ve been invited back to every company where we’ve taught this seminar.

You can provide a needed service to your employees, for free. Another reason for them to appreciate what your company provides to them. We’d love to talk to you, please contact us at:

Ryan Gable
President / CEO