Just when you thought you’ve seen it all in real estate surveys, out comes a report by Unison and Atomik Research that changes everything. Turns out, home ownership is sexy! 

The survey focused on feelings about home ownership. It included what prospective buyers were willing to give up in order to buy a home. Answers included things like vacations, nice cars, dining out – even voting rights! The real gem, though, is how home ownership could affect your chances for attracting a special someone. 

For example, 58% of survey respondents said they would be more likely to date or marry someone who already owned a home, at the time their relationship began. 

The sentiment is fairly consistent, when broken down by gender and age group. 60% of males agreed with the above statement, and 58% of females agreed with it. 58% of Millennials hold the same view, as do 59% of Gen-X’s and 56% of Boomers. 

The survey results shouldn’t be all that surprising; most Americans see home ownership as a desirable goal and major milestone. Achieving home ownership indicates a certain measure of financial accomplishment. To a prospective partner, a love interest who owns a home might carry a connotation of stability and security. 

This doesn’t mean your romantic chances are stymied if you don’t own a home. But it does suggest that home ownership could give you an edge over the competition on Tinder. 

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