If you are thinking of selling your Chicago area home during 2023, get ready to put your plan together! Preparing your home for the market, and packing for your move, will be easier when you have plenty of time. Here’s where to start!

1. Choose your Chicago area real estate broker. Experience, integrity and reputation are important! Look for positive online reviews and testimonials. Interview more than one agent. Be sure you are comfortable with the person you decide to hire!

2. Decide on the best timeline for your home sale. Market timing is part of this, but most importantly, the timeline has to be practical for your needs. You might choose to work around the school year, or you might need to take some time off work. Think about the needs of your household, and how to manage them during the home sale process. 

3. Once you have decided on a home sale timeline, start preparing your home for the market. If you want to list your home this spring, start de-cluttering promptly after the holidays. The first few weeks of the New Year is an ideal time to tackle your pre-listing projects. Tip: de-cluttering and cleaning is easier when you take it one room at a time. 

4. Line up any home repair or landscaping jobs as early as possible. Good contractors are always in demand. We can refer you to reliable home repair and service professionals in Chicagoland! Just ask. 

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