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Ward, Julio and their team bring to the profession decades of experience in real estate, construction, rehabilitation, brokerage, management, problem analysis, evaluation and inspection. Ward holds a BA in architecture/Cornell and an MBA in real estate from Wharton and has been trouble-shooting real estate property problems for over 30 years. Julio Neira has a liberal arts degree, along with years of real estate analysis/construction experience and is able to communicate inspection information to Spanish speaking clients in their native language. All inspectors and the company are licensed by the State of Illinois and adhere to the Standards of Practice of the Illinois Home Inspector License Act.Client education is our goal and the primary reason for an inspection. While one benefit of an inspection is to identify specific deficiencies or concerns about the property, it is more important for the client to receive a complete, objective evaluation and overview of the entire property-both good and bad-to help them make an intelligent and informed buying decision. We are part of a team of real estate professionals including realtors, lenders, attorneys, and appraisers, all of whom work in the clients interest to make the home buying process more manageable. We are recognized by both clients and real estate professionals as “the inspectors of choice,” telling us that our home inspections provide a level of confidence and knowledge critical to smart home buying.The company goal of educating property buyers/owners about their properties and to ease buyer’s/owner’s remorse has proven successful with more than 16,000 inspections completed.