Now that interest rates are rising, there are predictions about a slowdown in Chicago home prices. Here are things Chicago home buyers and sellers should know!

As of February 2022, Chicago area home prices increased 10% on a year-over-year basis, according to CoreLogic. CoreLogic says home prices in Chicago are expected to increase 6.3% by February 2023. The 6.3% would be a “slowdown” in home price growth compared to current trends, but can you bank on it?

Such predictions assume that higher rates will thin out home buying competition. This will only be true to a certain degree – and in certain price points. For example, buyers who sold their prior home for a healthy profit could pay cash, or nearly all cash, for their next home, so rate hikes won’t stop them. Investors who are paying cash won’t be affected by higher rates. Investors using financing may get picky about the homes they purchase to rent out, or to flip – but higher rates won’t shut them down. 

According to industry data by ATTOM, 8.5% of Chicago homes were sold to investors during the third quarter of 2021.Nationally, investors accounted for about 30% of all home purchases during the same quarter. As other markets around the country have become more expensive, investors have taken a greater interest in relatively affordable markets like Chicago. 

The entry-level market, where first-time buyers have the most competition, probably won’t get easer. It would take a lot of new, affordable inventory to soften those prices. The mid-level market may slow a bit, since higher rates make it more difficult for buyers to stretch into higher-priced homes. However, buyers are still outnumbering the homes available on the market. Supply and demand needs to even out for home prices to slow down.

Supply is a tough problem to solve. Unless we see more listings, and homes spending more days on the market, Chicago home prices will climb. Yet the current market should entice some homeowners to sell and take a profit – and there will be pockets of opportunity for well-prepared Chicago home buyers.

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