Finding the right place to call home during your Chicago home search can be tricky. The pickings can be slim in your price range, and the fast pace of the market requires quick decisions. Yet by keeping your top priorities in mind, you can be confident of finding the right home for your needs. We talked about this in a prior blog post, and a new homeowner satisfaction survey gives some great examples. 

Sears recently surveyed 1,000 homeowners to find out if they were happy with their homes, and why or why not. Overall, 89.9% of all respondents said they were happy with their homes. The Baby Boomer generation was the most satisfied with their homes at 95.7%. Gen X came in at 87.8% and Millennials at 88.5%.

The things that made these homeowners happy are worth taking note of as a home buyer. The top reasons behind home ownership happiness include:

  • A sense of safety and security
  • Liking the home’s location
  • Having space for relaxation within the home
  • Home privacy
  • Home size
  • Outdoor space or features (balcony, patio or deck, yard) 

For homeowners who weren’t altogether happy with their current home, the bummer list includes:

  • Too much noise
  • Home too small
  • Home located too close to neighboring homes
  • Presence of pests such as insect problems
  • Poor home design/functionality 
  • Lack of outdoor space

These examples show the intangible things that can affect the enjoyment of your home. While everyone’s priorities may be a little different, feeling safe in your home, liking the location, and having enough space to suit your living needs are universal benchmarks. And even though the market is “hot” right now, having a home inspection – even if you don’t ask the seller for any repairs – remains important. 

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